SEO Step 3: Link Building – Outreach and Progression

Guest Posting

From an SEO perspective, guest posts are a great way to secure quality, contextual backlinks, however, they can also help to generate a great deal of direct traffic and brand exposure. Guest posts are really no different from a standard blog post, they’re simply written by ‘guest’ writers instead of the usual blog authors.

By convincing owners of relevant websites to allow us to write for them, we can insert a link to your website directly within the article.


Infographics are graphics created to visually represent information or data. They can be an extremely effective tool for building high-quality links at scale as (if well-designed) they’re an extremely shareable and evergreen asset. The great thing with infographics is that, unlike text posts, they can be shared on multiple sites without the risk of a penalty for duplicate content.

We can take care of both the creation and promotion of infographics. Once we have a well-designed infographic prepared, our SEO specialists can reach out to websites that have shared related content in the past, offering them the opportunity to share the graphic on their website in return for a link back to your website (giving you credit for the work).

Link Roundups

Link roundups provide a great opportunity to gain some highly relevant contextual links and gain a good amount of referral traffic. These types of links come from websites that curate their favourite content of the week (or day) and then share links to each of the pages.

We can manually reach out to website owners to propose that your content is then included in an upcoming roundup.

Resource Pages

Resource pages are similar to link roundups, however, are instead one-off pages designed to list links to evergreen content thought to be useful for the website’s audience.

If there is already appropriate content on your website (or if you decide to have some created) we can contact relevant websites to propose that they link to it from their resource page.

Broken Link Building

With this method, we find any relevant websites that are linking to dead pages and then contact them in order to let them know about the broken link.

As a way of fixing the problem, we can then offer them the opportunity to simply replace the broken link with a link to your content. This provides us with a great way to gain you some highly relevant backlinks.

PR Links

When you have an incredible story to tell (for example the launch of a new product or a recent collaboration), some immensely powerful links can be landed on the big media websites.

We can reach out to reporters, writers and editors to pitch your story and work towards securing you some well-deserved authoritative links.

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is a process which involves ‘reclaiming’ any links to a client’s website which may have been lost.

Using a number of specialist tools, our SEO experts can identify any websites that may have once linked to your website in the past, but for one reason or another now no longer do. We can then contact those websites and politely request that they once again link to your site.

Directory Links

A web directory is essentially an online catalogue of websites. Unfortunately, directory links have gotten a bad rap over the years as they were heavily abused by the Blackhat SEO Community to generate masses of ‘spammy’ links. Fortunately, with a focus on quality over quantity, carefully selected directory links from reputable sites can still help to create a strong, natural and well-rounded link profile as part of an entirely Whitehat SEO strategy.

By researching each directory, we can be sure that we only submit your website to the very best in your niche.


Citations can play a key role in search engine rankings, especially when it comes to local search results. Unlike other link building methods, citations do not actually depend on a link, instead they’re simply mentions of a business name, address and typically their phone number (NAP) on a third-party site. Some good examples of citations might include a listing, a business association webpage or a local online newspaper article that contains your company information.

After researching your industry, we can submit your company details to relevant websites in order to secure high quality citations for your business.

Social Signals

Social Signals play an important part in signalling to the search engines that a website is authoritative and of interest. Signals come from things such as likes on a Facebook brand page, Facebook shares, Twitter followers, Tweets containing a link or mentioning a brand name etc.

We can promote your content across a variety of social platforms to help increase awareness and generate valuable social shares. We can also reach out to social influencers to help gain some traction.

Skyscraper Technique

Coined by Brian Dean, the Skyscraper Technique is a great strategy for building relevant links. The method involves first finding a piece of online content that is being linked to by lots of authoritative sites. The job is to then create a better version (e.g. better written, more in-depth, better explained etc).

Our SEO specialists can then reach out to the sites linking to the original piece and present ours as a newer, updated, more thorough version for them to link to.

Video Links

While the majority of links from video sharing sites such as Youtube and Vimeo are ‘No Follow’ links, they still play a pivotal role in creating a natural looking link profile.

If you already have some existing videos, we can share these across a number of video sharing platforms. This not only helps us to develop you a healthy link profile, but can also work well to drive direct traffic from each of these sites.

Unlinked Mentions

On the back of our other SEO efforts, it’s likely that your website will be mentioned from time to time, however, not all of these websites will link back to your site.

By monitoring mentions of your company name, we are able to reach out to any websites that do not provide a link and politely request that they do so. This is a great way pick up on some extra links which may otherwise have been lost.

Product / Service Reviews

Depending on the nature of the product or service that you offer, product / service reviews can be a great way to build awareness and secure some quality links. This works best when you’re able to offer your product / service for free (or at a significantly reduced price) in return for an in-depth video or written review.

We can reach out to industry related influencers in order to secure some persuasive reviews along with some high-quality backlinks.