SEO Step 2: Full Planning, Preparation and Prospecting

Search Term Mapping

By using a range of different keyword discovery tools, our SEO experts are able to find the most lucrative and achievable search terms for your business. We can then use the gathered data to determine which pages on your website would be best matched to each search term, allowing us to focus the page around this.

Topical Keyword Research and Mapping

Instead of simply identifying individual search terms to target, we find as many related keywords as possible and group them into topics. This allows us to work towards ranking your website for multiple search terms simultaneously, by focusing content around the entire topic. These topics can then be matched to the different stages in your website’s funnel, based on searcher intent.

Accelerated Results

To generate the fastest possible results for you, we will initially focus on building links to any of your web pages that are already close to ranking on page one of the search results. Doing this may enable us to generate some traffic very early on in the campaign.

Link Prospecting

In order for us to build links to your website, we first need a collection of sites and corresponding site-owners / editors to contact. At the beginning of your SEO campaign, our Prospectors will find the most relevant websites for us to reach out to during the link building process and will determine the best person to contact regarding each site.