SEO Step 1: Initial Research and Setup

In-Depth Website Audit

We’ll first need to carry out an in-depth audit of your website to detect any technical issues and ensure that it’s indexable. During this stage, our SEO specialists can also provide guidance (if it has not already been done) on linking your site to the Google Search Console, so we are able to pick up on any major issues identified by Google themselves.

Analytics Setup and Data Review

By using Google Analytics, we’ll be able to effectively measure the success of your campaign and use the gathered data to make the correct decisions throughout the campaign lifetime. If Google Analytics has not already been setup then we can provide guidance on how to do so.

Business Discovery

In order to drive growth, it’s vital that we learn as much as we can about your industry, customers and competitors. We aim to do this as independently as possible through web research, however, sometimes we may need to ask you a few questions along the way.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis allows us to compare your content (and other SEO factors) against those of your competitors. This will help us to identify opportunities and establish exactly what we’ll need to focus on in order to outrank them.

Backlink Audit & Planning

Google’s algorithm uses Artificial Intelligence to determine what a well-balanced link profile should look like for every niche. To ensure that we develop the most effective and natural looking link profile possible, we plan our linking strategy around a full competitor link audit.

Existing Linkable Assets

After ensuring that any technical issues on your website have been dealt with, we’ll make a record of any existing pages (or posts) that we feel other websites may be interested in linking to.

Outreach and Content Tone

To maximise results, it’s important for us to understand the tone that we’ll need to be using in order to effectively communicate with other websites in your industry (for outreach) and also the tone that should be used for any content created.

Persona Creation

To maximise response on email outreach, it helps immensely for us to be pitching on behalf of your business as opposed to an SEO company. We take care of the creation of these personas, including the setup of any necessary email addresses.